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Androxan with arginine

Androxan is an exzellent foodsupplement that enhances arginine with a proprietary formula. Androxan has been shown to produce the following benefits when taken regularly:
-Increased potency
-Improves the blood circulation
-Improves the erectile characteristics
-Increase in energy and perseverance
-Increase in concentration levels
-Optimisation of the male hormones

Maca root powder, l-arginin, Tribulus terrestris 43%, Muira Puama extract, vitamin C, iron fumarat, zinc gluconate, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, chrome yeast, parting agent magnesium stearate.

How does Androxan work?
The natural ingredients in Androxan work to increase and improve the bodies blood flow as well as energy and stamina levels.

What is Androxan Forte?
Androxan is a natural sexual enhancement supplement. By using maximum concentration of ingredients and by adding Muira Puama as well as increasing the proportion of Tribulus terrestris, Androxan begins working after only a few days. Androxan has been developed so that men of all ages can benefit from new, increased potency and increased pleasure, without the risk of side effects. Androxan works for the entire duration of intercourse.

Androxan forte contains a careful balance of high quality ingredients and is manufactured according to german food law. Androxan forte is certified as “dietary supplement” and can thus be supplied without the need for prescriptions. Suitable also for diabetics – with no side effects. Androxan is made up of 100% natural ingredients. As Androxan forte is free from chemical active substances, this product can be taken regularly over a long period of time without the risk of side effects. The unique composition and concentration of the active substances are the results of detailed studies over a number of years.

Has Androxan got any side effects?
There are no known side effects, since formula has the low german foodstandard.

What do I get?
A month’s supply of Androxan contains 90 caps.

How long does the effect last?
Androxan is designed to be taken over a period of time, so that the effects build up with each day. The effects will therefore become noticeable after a few days, but will steadily increase over time until you are at your peak.

How compares Androxan to other Arginine-Supplements
Just imagine, Androxan contained L-Arginin 420 mg just find out, how the following arginine health benefit with 500 mg and 180 caps compare...